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We are witnesses of the fact, challenging all doubt, that there is no lie in the word of Jesus Christ: that God loves us all and is giving us life. These are our stories, this is our news.



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The Covenants and the Signs

The Covenants and The Signs  is a series of short, progressive articles. It follows the trail of covenants God made with people he chose, and how the circle of favour ripples out to everybody.

But Who am I 

In 'But Who Am I?' issues of identity and power are explored through the Bible. 

The Making of a Lamb

Suffering and pain in life are tough to handle gracefully. The booklet, The Making of a Lamb, gives a  perspective to the struggle and the treasure that dark days are. 

Stronger than Death

The story in Stronger than Death spans about 25 years of the life of a Nigerian girl. With an unflinching and forthright presentation of the events that shaped her faith, Funke's autobiography has been described as a compelling read.


In the Light of Truth

In the Light of Truth is a short and very relevant article on the concepts of light and life. In simple language it provokes serious thought, offering step-by-step direction for spiritual growth.