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It’s err, what you call it? Graft. So, the new treatment when he was young, that he had to, sort of let the body, some meat grows from his arm into his leg.

So, they tied the leg to the arm, together, and they make it like that. So, after a little while, he couldn’t move his hand but when he goes to un-strap it and some meat grows in his leg, and some meat.  Because it was the bones only after he had been hit by a tram. You know, tram like underground but tram, this one. It hit all the meat out of his leg. This time, what he did, the first time, he admitted, he said ‘I saw Issa’, I said ‘no Issa, you saw Jesus.’ He said ‘I believe that Issa, he’s the one who heal and he’s the one who cure the people.’ He said ‘I’ve seen Issa.‘

And so when he said that himself, as a Moslem, he said ‘The only one who cured me is Issa.’ So he believed that Jesus is the one who cured him, but he doesn’t want to admit that He’s the son of The Lord.

So this story, I wanted to tell you before but there’s no occasion to tell you. Because this friend of mine, he was making the operation... so, Moslems, they believe in our Jesus too much, but they don’t admit it.

So I said ‘ask Jesus’, when my friend was about to go and do the operation, I said to him ‘ask Issa.’ So honestly, ‘ask Issa to touch, resurrect you.’

He knows that Jesus is Issa and they don’t want to admit it. But sooner or later, I think like we said before, that He chooses people. So from He looked after him when he was absolutely dead like this, I believe it, sooner or later he will come to the Lord.