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Healed of Cancer!

Abo Issa

September 2013, Jordan

My brothers and sisters in the Group; strength, Peace, healing and liberation. May the Lord bless you. I got a test from the Lord Jesus, and thanks to the Lord Jesus who gave me this test. I lived in Syria for almost 46 years, but because of the unrest in Syria I returned to Jordan with my beloved family.  By chance during a visit to the city 's medical centre, certain health issues I had came to light. It was discovered by chance, that I had Cancer in the lymph glands and I was started on a course of chemotherapy. Praise be to God, I started getting better slowly. After a period of treatment for this condition, you are scanned and treatment is continued. I was told the scan result after a month and I never ceased praying constantly. One night I was sitting at home, still up at about midnight, when I felt a hand grip me on my right shoulder. However I did not find anyone beside me and I told my wife about it. Three days later, I went to the City Medical Centre to get the result. The five doctors who reported to my wife said:  the scan results for your spouse show that he is 100% Cancer-free. My wife told me, and doctors confirmed the result, and I knew that the person who had touched me was the Lord Jesus, and I felt Blessing and Praise and thanks to the Lord who is Transcendent and glory to the Lord, glory to the Lord, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. 

The Lord is my life and the lives of every one who loves the Lord Jesus and the Lord heals every patient. Lord, thou Father, have compassion on us, O Lord.

I acknowledge, very importantly, for the duration of my sickness, beloved brother Chaplain Ma'in and his wife, my dear sister who never left me in prayers to the Lord Jesus, and my precious sister Hanna also did not leave me. American chaplain, Dan, also did not leave me. Thanks to the Lord Jesus and all who reminded Him of me, Amen, my beloved Jesus, thank you for healing me!

Abo Aisa tells his story in Arabic